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Help been a woman? xD

I want to create a woman hero, but, i wanna be the sexiest woman in the game, if i level up the physique i will look like a man?

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SpiritMuse answered:

If you level up the Physique she will start to look like Hammer. Huge, broad shouldered and a bit square jawed. Especially if you wear the nobleman's coat you will be virtually indistinguishable from a man. This is why I dumped all my (2) levels in Physique the moment I collected enough XP to max out Toughness. My character is now a toweringly tall (accuracy), blue-veined (will) goddess. Or, she will be, once I get rid of the corruption and accompanying pudginess. ;)
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nelson_rylee answered:

I believe she will still look girly. haha
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