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How do I get 100% evil?

Ive been going around killing people, and it shows evil points over my head but my evil meter wont move past what looks to be about 80%. why? btw im fully pure and was once fully good so if that has any effect or not please mention that too, along with if u think its just a glitch.

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orttho answered:

Ya. I just turned safety of and went on a rampage in bowerstone and got 100 evil pretty easy. I dont think the other stats affect this cause they are seperate you can be pure evil or corrupt evil.
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PrincessPlum answered:

Being good before probably has no affect or you get good points often even though you are trying to be bad. It's more difficult to stay evil in Fable 2 because if you have a spouse they'll give you good points just for seeing them. Just keep killing villagers or guards you'll get 100% eventually ; )
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joshiki_r answered:

Best way to go evil is to go on a rampage in fairfax gardens cause u cant affect the economy there at all
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TheGrimDoogle answered:

Purity has no effect on alignment. The best way to get good and evil is to go Viking on the joint. Kill anything that moves, take anything that isn't nailed down, and if you can't kill it or take it smash it into little pieces. And don't forget sacrifice people at the Temple of Darkness.
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songmaster64 answered:

You may have risen your evil to basically 100% ,but your corrupt won't go up from killing people try to buy houses and raise their rent to max this will raise your corrupt and you'll also get more gold :)
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SykoFox answered:

Yeah, pretty much rampage somewhere you don't usually buy from and eat crunchy chicks.
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Kspeeder answered:

This is fun, kill everyone and set high prices to all your properties. If you do not own any properties, then its better, just kill, resiest arrest and join temple of shadows, also try to exort and threaten people. Do the evil quests. Still the best to become evil is to kill, corrupt is to set high prices to all your property.
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