Question from vampirepsycho

How do I lower my corruption?

I am good and want to be pure.

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Mouser05 answered:

The best way to lower corruption is to buy real-estate and set it at low rent prices. It doesn't matter the cost of the property, just how low the price is set. You can also buy certain food items or sleep in certain places (it's a bonus).
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kinggimpo answered:

There are certain foods/drinks you can buy that offer + Purity (or - Corruption can't remember which way it goes). I know Tofu does guaranteed, and I think there is also juice drinks like Banana Juice, Apple Juice, etc. I also think all water drinks help too (not sure about Well Water). And finally, Mystical Juice. It is a tad expensive compared to other drinks, but it is an excellent way to get rid of some corruption.
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