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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I solve The Crucible Champion?

I've completed the Crucible many times and i got all perfect but the mission remains.. how do i complete?

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From: Wow_1000_Gamer 6 years ago

Its not End-able, But you can Go back and try to get 9 perfect rounds and you get a Legendary weapon

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Thats what i noticed, i dont think u can complete the quest because u can go back as many times as u want for xp and LW

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It's not completable. That's just there in case you ever want to go back to the crucible (which I suggest; lots of xp from it).

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Yeah, You can't "Complete" it. It's there just in case you want to get some more Experience points or if you want to try for the Legendary weapon which you get at Nine Perfect Rounds. Hope this Helps!

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You only need 5 perfect rounds to get the legendary weapon "The Chopper", not 9.

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