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I bought furniture but how do I use it?

I have two houses, one of which I rent out. How do I put the furniture in either of them? If I put it in the one I rent out, will the rent go up? Currently it is one of the gypsy houses with nothing inside.

Accepted Answer

diablo5843 answered:

Okay firstly to place furniture in your house (a proper house with 4 walls and a door) once you own it click on the deed to the house out in front of it and click on "enter redecorate mode" then go in the house and click "A" on the furniture to change it with any spare furniture you have.
Secondly when you do the house's base value goes up and rent should go up based on how expensive the furniture you put in.
And lastly you cannot put furniture in the gypsy caravans there's just no room.
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