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What Will Happen to Oakfield If I Choose the "Oakfield Massacre"?

What will happen if I choose to murder all the villagers there? Will Oakfield be a dead town? Or will there be Temple of Shadows cultists walking around in the town instead of villagers?

Also, do I have to kill my spouse too if she is located on Oakfield?

Thanks for the help.

Kkashi provided additional details:

Hmm, so, basically, it is similar to choice we have to choose for Bowerstone Old Town back when we were a child?

And what will happen to Temple of Light and Temple of Shadows? Do any of those disappear?

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RighteousFlame answered:

IF you help the Temple of Light, it gets bigger and the Temple of Shadows will be abandoned except for a bunch of hollow men and a banshee. If you choose to help the Temple of Shadows the Temple of Light will be abandoned and the Temple of Shadow will still be populated.
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anxmaster answered:

If you do the temple of light mission Oakfield fluorishes. More houses get built when you return from the Spire. If you do the Shadow mission, the down economy drops, it loses it's lush look, people will HATE you there for awhile, and no new houses get built. The town is still there, the people respawn, but it looks like crap.
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