Question from oneyoshi79

Asked: 5 years ago

What is the Best Gun and Sword in the game?

I have a Master Turret Rifle, Master Flintlock Pistol, a Master Katana and a Master LongSword. I don't think these are the best weapons, so what's better than them? Even if it's in the DLC, tell me.

Accepted Answer

From: Fadingsilence 5 years ago

This is not an easy question, because the combos vary depending on what your playing style is and augments you have, I have a Master Flintlock Pistol with golden touch that has a damage of 87.0, and a master Katana with the Ghoul augment in it, I use all three styles and this combo is the best one I've found.

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Submitted Answers


Best melee weapon is Daichi, Best ranged weapon im not sure, both The enforcer and Red dragon is awesome, the enforcer is a shotgun and red dragon is a very fast pistol, just get both and see what u like the most =P

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