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Ghost Dog?

I finished the main quest and i selected the sacrifice choice. Obviously my dog died so i continued playing for about 6 or 7 hours total and then one day my dog came back! It was see-through and had a purple-ish hue. It was there for a while (i also had my friends join my game to prove to them he was there. But when i fast-traveled, it was not sure what that was but does anyone know how to get the "ghost" dog to come back? or is it random?

a52s provided additional details:

Wow thanks! im not sure where that door is but i was at the rookridge inn so if its in that area then thats probably it.

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Oblivion_Slayer answered:

You were most likely near the Demon Door that requires you to make your dog do a trick in front of it. If you have no dog when near it, the door summons your lost mate as a ghost, but he will disappear if you leave the area or do the trick. Hope I helped!
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