Question from Sjbonnar

Asked: 6 years ago

Dog Glitch messing up Love Hurts?

Hey, I was wondering if anyone else has had their dog glitch the way mine has. He constantly has "Quest" written above his head and will no longer find dig spots or treasures.

This is especially difficult with the "Love Hurts" mission as I've even used Youtube videos to find the exact digging spot in the Hobbe Cave, but no luck in finding Lady Grey's Lower Half...

Can anyone help me out?

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From: ashynioki 6 years ago

You probably also have the Evil in Wraithmarsh quest active. Go to Wraithmarsh, specifically the Drowned Farm, turn right and enter the Well. There you will find those idiots Sam and Max and your dog will return to normal. You may want to finish the Evil in Wraithmarsh quest before continuing the Love Hurts quest.

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Umm.. i havent had that one but try following him depends if that don't work reload the game

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