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Where can i find someone who sells Cleavers?

The only one i have ever found to be sold is a Rusty one in Bowerstone. Where can i find the Iron, Steel, and Master Cleavers?

MetaSnake12 provided additional details:

I am quite aware of the Rising Sun, and i have gotten it before. Im going to try the random traders you find in Fairfax Gardens, and around Albion.

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DragonFanatic94 answered:

I have yet to find a store that sells cleavers, but there is a way to get a legendary cleaver called "The Rising Sun". At the Temple of Light, make a 10,000 or so gold donation at 12:00 p.m. to get it. I would save before doing this, just incase it doesn't work and you won't have to wait a full day to retry the process.
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DragonFanatic94 answered:

That would probably be your best bet. When I was looking for a master axe, I bought it from a trader in Rookridge. Good luck on your quest.
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MetaSnake12 answered:

Westcliff. The Cleaver seller is in westcliff, not the one in the crucible, the one at the stand.
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