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All the expressions?

Can someone give me like a list of all the expressions and their categories and if they r hard to get tell me how to get them?

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lordofstarside answered:

Flirty Expressions:
Blow Kiss - Learned at 2500 renown
Come Back to My Place - Available at Fiction burns or Oakfield Demon Door
Heroic Pose - Learned During Childhood
Pickup Line - Learned during Adolescence
Seduce - Available at Fiction burns during Adulthood
Whistle - Learned During Childhood
Worship - Purchase the Fiction Burns bookstore and find it on the top floor bookshelf.

Fun Expressions:
Belch - Available at Fiction Burns and as a reward.
Dance - Learned during adolescence.
Fart - Learned during Childhood.
Hat, Headband, Mustache - Win this from the Pub Games on Xbox Live Arcade
Laugh - Learned at 50% Good Morality
Sock Puppet - Available at Fiction Burns during Adulthood
Victory Arm Pump - Learned during childhood.

Rude Expressions:
Beg - Learned during Adolescence
Chicken - Learned during Childhood
Kiss my A** - Learned at 20,000 renown
Middle Finger - Available at Fiction Burns during Adulthood
Play Dead - Available at Fiction Burns during Adulthood
Point & Laugh - Learned during Childhood
Vulgar Thrust - Available at Fiction Burns and as a reward.

Scary Expressions:
Bloodlust Roar - Learned during Childhood
Extort - Learn at 100% Evil Morality
Feign Attack - Visit and play the Hero's tale
Growl - Learned at Childhood
Scary Laugh - Learned at 10,000 renown
Slap - Learned at Adolescence
Threaten - Learned at 50% Evil Morality

Social Expressions:
Apologize - Learned at 25% Good Morality
Dismiss - Learned at 100 renown
Dog Praise / Thumbs Up - Learned During Childhood
Dog Scold / Thumbs Down - Learned during Childhood
Follow - Learned at 100 renown
Gift - Learned at Adolescence
Lute - Purchase a Lute from a merchant
Trophy - Learned after acquiring your first trophy (Thag's Head)


Dog Tricks:
Backflip - Win a 2 star Fortune's Tower Tournament on Pub Games using Xbox Live Arcade
Begging - Purchased at Fiction Burns bookstore
Bunny Hop - Chest in Bower lake
Growl - Chest in Gargoyle's Trove
Hide Snout - Random dig spots, npc gift, chests, or Fiction Burns bookstore
Play Dead - Chest in Bowerstone Cemetery
Roll Over - Purchase at Fiction Burns Bookstore
Tail Chase - Purchase at Fiction Burns Bookstore
Targeted Urination - Purchase at Fiction Burns Bookstore
Wave - Random dig spot, npc gift, chest, or at Fiction Burns Bookstore
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