Question from tshive

Asked: 6 years ago

Where can I find liquid gold dye?

I found it before on a different game file, but can't remember where, if any one knows, could they post it here?

For those who haven't found it or found and sold w/o using, it is one of the only 5 star dyes in the game and it really gives u a golden shine

Accepted Answer

From: raithian_25 6 years ago

5 star dyes can only be found in fairfax gardens, probably because of the high economy. my dog dug a liquid gold dye up for me in fairfax gardens too, but on a different file, i got a completely different item in the same spot. Just go into fairfax gardens and look for clothing traders. If there are no clothing traders or they dont have what you're looking for, sleep for a week and try again.

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I bought it from a clothing trader in Fairfax Gardens. Eventually all the five star dyes were buyable. I also heard the dog can dig one up for you. But Fairfax was the best place to buy/sell.

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