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How do i stop being corrupt and become pure?

i don't know what i'm doing but no matter what i still become more corrupt. My personality tells me i don't mind helping others but i'm concerned helping my self eating and buying things for myself.

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Deathslicer answered:

The best way i have gotten rid of that is
When in bowersone market look for a house that gives the benefit of
-Purification- If you just sleep in the house you will lose about 1/5ish of your corruption
Other ways-
Eating food that only gives Pureness
Not drinking beer or eating food that has animal in it
Setting rents down in the -60 range
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Xatrion answered:

The best way to go from corrupt to pure would be to buy a bunch of shops/houses and lower the rent.
That's will get you pure in a hurry.
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Antheia answered:

Eating tofu increases purity, eating meat or drinking alcohol increases corruption. If your corruption keeps increasing either you have rent set too high on some of your real estate (adds corruption over time) or you've been eating/drinking alot of corrupt foods/beverages.
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C810 answered:

Buying any of those cheap cart houses, like your first house in the Gypsy Camp, will increase your corruption. So just set them to 0 rent. You won't lose that much since I think you get less than 20 gold per cart
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Kspeeder answered:

The easiest way is to do the money glitch found in the cheat sections, then donate to the temple of light, keep donating as much as you want, best if you donate 1000 each.
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