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Asked: 6 years ago

When do your kids grow up?

I have a kid with my wife but he is not growing up.
how long does it take until he grows into an adult?

Additional details - 6 years ago

I've completed the game fully
I just thought that your children could grow into adults

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From: Mouser05 6 years ago

There is a certain quest youhave to do to get them to grow up... it is called "the spire" I don't ant to spoil anything, but if you want them to grow you should try to unlock that quest.

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well your child cant grow into an adult it can only become a mere teen, and it usually takes like 2-4 weeks in game time. (or at least thats how long it took for me) So keep waiting to see what happens.

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Well if you had a kid around the begining of the game the kids are older when you come back from the spire the first time. Theyre around 11

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Yep,they only become teens.It`s a mess ain`t it?

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Nope, the game has a kinda of weird way of your kids to age. If you have kids when you go to the spire, they will grow up. Any time after that, it will take them a while to grow up into a kid. If you want your kid to leave the nest then you will have to kill your wife, get a divorce, or have him die.

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Either go to the Spire, But one time, I left town for like 2 game days, and my child was a kid.

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But no, they cant get to adults.

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