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So I want to marry lady grey but where can I find her?

I did the lady grey quest and collected the parts but when she was reanimated I stayed in the room I wanted to marry her but the ring I gave her was not good enough and when I went to buy a new one I came back and she is gone is there anywhere to find her again?

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faythe1215 answered:

1) Make sure you have a 5 star ring
2) Make sure to set your slow time spell in the first and second spell slot
3) Run fast.

As soon as the quest is done, she'll bolt out the door! The easiest way to ensure you can get her to marry you is to slow time down, make yourself attractive to her (somehow getting naked did this for me), catch up to her, and propose with the five star ring.

We're married. Got a kid. He likes crunchy chicks! :)
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KOSRebirth answered:

I don't believe you can find her now, I had the same problem but I told her to follow me when I left to buy the ring. Sorry but in this case I believe you might be out of luck.
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faythe1215 answered:

OH! One last thing, save as soon as you've finished the quest and the guy goes into agony about you stealing his love. That way, if by chance you don't catch up to her, you can try again. :) I hope that helps!
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rikkwolf2 answered:

Hey buddy, you're not out of luck at all. Lady Grey can be found wondering the cemetery. Just quick travel to "Bowerstone Cemetery" and she's usually not far from the Expression Statue. She's probably the least hideous female sprite in the game (the chicks in Fable II were ugly enough to turn me off to marriage altogether) but her personality is pretty awful from her info screen, ha ha. Happy to help.
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RavenX08 answered:

Simple solution................

She did the same to me with a three for four star ring and i made her fallow so not to loose her and went to get a better ring.
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