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Tin Mine, I found somthing....odd.....?

So if you take the route that doesn't have a chest you'll eventually come up on a statue of a girl thats holding what looks like a wreath of some kind. behind this statue is a stone. at first i didn't notice it and i almost didn't notice it at all. but this stone has a hole in the middle of it and is covered in will lines (the blue lines that appear on your hero when he uses to many will powers.) anyways i think it may be a flit switch pillar or something like that but i cant find the flit. I am however sure that in order to find out the real reason for this cave you have to find out what the stone is. if anyone knows what the stone is or how it works please tell me.

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hylianarmy answered:

It's just decoration; those stones also appear in Brightwood, and they have no function.
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