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Bought all places... Still short?

I'm trying to get the Ruler of Albion (sp?) achievement and I have 2.42 spent and I cannot find any other place to buy? Is there a place I could buy through a quest? I already got the Cemetary Mansion and That one building where all the spire guards are. Thanks.

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I guess I missed the Gypsy town. But does buying the Temple of Shadows increase my Evil at all? (Or related to the quest?) Because I can't buy the Temple of Light. (Abandonded.)

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Got it. Thanks.

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dominikpruss answered:

You must have missed a town. Without the Castle I had a total of 1.67 million in real estate. You should re-travel to westcliff, oakfield, and bloodstone. I know that Oakfield has about 3-4 new houses there after the spire quest. I'm sure you already got the whole bowerstone market + old town bowerstone. Another place you may have missed is the gypsie camp. You can buy the temple of light or temple of shadow (only one). You can also buy the brightwood tower (which i'm assuming you already have since it has the spire guards. You can buy the Mansion in Bloodstone after you've finished the game. There is a guide with each house in the FAQ's portion, you may want to refer to that.
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