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Asked: 5 years ago

Blackmail trouble?

So I married another person and when I went to my first spouse I got a blackmail letter. I wanted to see what would happen if I didn't pay it and I got this achievement saying something about too cheap to cover up. So I went back to my first spouse and they are still there but unresponsive. If he has gifts, he'll give gifts but he doesn't follow me or anything. I know this can happen with your first child and going to Bloodstone fixes this problem - is there maybe some way I can do this for my spouse as well? The second person I married is fine. Didnt leave me and he responds to anything.

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That's what I figured, lol. Thanks for the help :)

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From: thejackward18 5 years ago

Unfortunately,he won't respond. The same thing happened to my second wife when she found out that i had an orgy with 3 prostitutes,and all for a measly 5G Swinger achievement. ;)

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Well...... s/he is probobly mad so if you use a few expresions they may respond. I am doing a good and pure hero, although I have a GUIDE BOOK!!!! Try to get 1 off ebay or order 1. I am an advid player of this game and I <3 Fable!

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Just kill the guy that blackmail you

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