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How many LEGENDARY Weapons are there in Fable (excluding the ones we need to go online for)?

Me and a friend of mine are starting to collect the LEGENDARY WEAPONS, so far we each have The Daichi, The Enforcer, The Hammerthyst, The Chopper, and The Maelstrom/The Rising Sun. How many more are we missing?

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Where Do I Find These?

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From: HybridTheory13 5 years ago

there is a legendary weapon for each type of weapon.

Hammer- Hammerthyst
Axe- Chopper
Katana- Daichi
Long Sword- Malestrom
Cleaver- Rising Sun
Mace- Calavera (westcliff demon door)

Blunderbuss- Enforcer
Turret Rifle- Perforator(wraithmarsh demon door)
Turret Pistol- Red Dragon(get 1st in westcliff shooting range, 175 pts)
Crossbow- Rammer(get all 50 gargoyles and go to gargoyles trove to get your prizes)

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Red Dragon, Perforator, Rammer, and the Calavera. So, you're missing four.

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U can get the red dragon from getting the best prize in the westcliff shooting range, u can get the perforator for opening the wraithmarsh demon door, the rammer u get when u find the gargoyles treasure by destroying all 50 gargoyles. The last 1 is the Calavera.

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Ok how do i unlock chopper ,Malestorm daichi enforcer.

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