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Wife M.I.A.? (Spoilers for End of Story)

Lots of detail here, sorry.

So right before heading to The Spire after the Crucible, I got married and had a kid. Well, after returning from the Spire, I come home to find my wife gone and my now grown-up kid standing where his crib was and simply staring at the wall.

Everytime I tried to find her, she simply wasn't anywhere to be found. I checked the relationship status, and it said she was either happy or very happy in each category, and she even had a gift for me. However, each time I selected "set trail and travel," it would take me to Bowerstone Square but there wouldn't be a trail leading to my wife.

I gave up, and eventually I entered Bowerstone one day to find her standing right there, demanding a divorce. Talking to her still granted me the gifts promised, however she still left despite her status still claiming she had maxed-out love for me and was happy in every area.

I remarried, reached the end of the game, chose The Needs of the Few so I could get my dog back, and returned home to find my wife... gone. Different wife, same story. I would just brush it off again but apparently I need to return to my family to finish the quest, so... help?

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This specific issue resolved. Now I have another one; I'll post another question.

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This happened to me aswell, there seems to be quite a few glitches involving wives, one which happened to me was that I couldn't interact with her. I couldn't give her gifts, i tried to keel her and she was invincible. It seems the only way is to start a new playthrough which can be tedious.
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