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Asked: 6 years ago

Do some quest glitch if you fast travel?

I got married and had a kid I took the fairfax castle as my house and im prompted of a child in danger quest but when I set it as my target i cant find my wife at all anywhere and my girlfriend is having the same prolem when she saves her duaghter from the hobbe cave once she is out there is no response from the child and the quest wont complete there was a similar question that was answered that says it glitches if you fast travel

Accepted Answer

From: halusatonaka 6 years ago

I faced this problem before and I had to redo the quest 5times before I realised the correct way to do so. Your wife's location will be in the town where you set as your maritial home. If she doesn't appear, try teleporting yourself to other towns and teleporting back.
Make sure your wife doesn't follow you into the hobbe cave during your quest.
Upon finishing the quest, you will meet your wife outside of the cave and she will sort of scold your daughter etc etc.

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It's a common glitch, I'm not sure if fast travel causes it but practically all marriages and kids are subject to get glitched.

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