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Jumped into river in Road to Westcliff, can't get out?

I was doing the Road to Westcliff stage. After meeting the woman who needs to feed her kids, instead of going left on the path, I went right, up some steps to the top of a tower with a chest. I jumped off the tower into the water. I can't fnd a spot to climb back up. The only part that comes up is a hole that says Westcliff, but it says I have to reload and start over.

I had already saved in the water so I am stuck down there unlss someone can help get me out.



Xatrion asked for clarification::

Are you not able to fast travel?

Accepted Answer

Munkey_Spanc answered:

There are three caves... one with a chest, the old tin mine one where you have to reload, which is full of bandits... another which is closer to the entrance of Westcliff, near a waterfall. swim up to it and go in that cave, and then up a ladder there, you should be fine after that.
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