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Good/evil pure/corrupt?

What happens when you're good/evil? does it change your look in any way?
And purity/corrupt, what is that? I know you get halos and demon horns, but how?

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Gaiko answered:

Good/Evil is which cause you serve. The most common example is that if you kill bandits you are doing something good, and if you help the bandits on raids then you are doing something evil. Good characters tend to have blonde hair, blue eyes and sparkly white teeth whilst evil characters have dark hair, pasty skin, red eyes and bad teeth.

Purity/Corruption is your own personal character. Giving gifts and eating vegan food is pure because it helps others. Trying to make money out of people, paying for sex or eating meat is corrupt because it's self-serving. Pure characters can expect to look healthy and get a halo whilst the corrupt tend to have awful/dying skin, horns and even clouds of flies!

There are also different titles (different to the titles you get from town criers) that come with your alignment and some combinations also have slightly different results. Playing different heroes with different values to see how they turn out is a lot of fun!
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