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Asked: 4 years ago

How to open brightwood demon door?

ok people heres how to open brightwood demon door
First: unicorn cheese
second:chops, and dredlocks which you can get at bowerstone and bloodstone
Third:im pretty sure you are suposed to get the gentalmens shirt and pants(found at bowerstone)
Fourth:tart skirt which can be found at bloodstone and a corset which can be found at bowerstone
this worked for me

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So... what did you need?
i mean.. did you need an answer?

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It sounds like your explaining how to do it not asking a question.

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Yah dude is there an actual question?

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Are you an idiot? How can you ask a question and than answer it? Dumbass.

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One more thing real quick. It wouldnt let me put idiot in but i could put dumbass.

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My bad retar.d not idiot.

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