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Cannot lock on with left trigger. How can I fix this?

When I hold left trigger, enemies stop having a red outline round them and my character just stands there. Saving, exiting, and coming back to the game hasn't fixed it. What can I do?

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That sounds like an idea, but how do I clear my game chache and what exactly will it do?

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evildarkscot answered:

I got this straight from a website:
Clear hard drive cache

Turn on the Xbox 360 while holding A to remove old cache files from the hard drive. Note: Your saved games an media will be intact, however downloaded game updates will be deleted. They can be restored by playing the game again while Xbox Live enabled.

Alternately if your system had the Spring 2006 patch installed, enter the "System" menu. Select the "Memory" option. Highlight the hard drive, then press Y. The Device Options screen for the hard drive will appear, with "Rename" and "Format" options. Press X(2), LB(2), X(2) to clear the cache.

This seems to be the only thing i can find on the subject it seems you might lose addons that you have downloaded but you should be able to redownload them same as any updates that get deleted
hope this helps
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evildarkscot answered:

Try clearing your game cache when you start it up, if that doesn't work a previous save if that doesn't a new game and if that doesn't then a new life (jokes).
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evildarkscot answered:

And i just realized could also be your controller itself.
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