Question from yamihadeze

How do I open the first door in the fairfax castle crypt?

The door next to the wooden boards that u can break,it always says it's lock but i can figure out how to open it.

yamihadeze provided additional details:

I know that I was wondering if you could open it and how.

Accepted Answer

XboxHelper answered:

Look for orbs and floor panels. It always works. If not, look for an expression statue, lever, or even a pickup. It could also open after killing a specific person. If none of these help, then I would say that it's quite impossible, or then you must find an other way there.
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Mouser05 answered:

You don't open it.... You break the boards and go through there
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Ryol answered:

Uhh where is this? Cause if its in fairfax castle then why are you asking me? I haven't bought it yet, geeze. But I'd probably go with the breaking thing, It sounds more like the mans way to handle it. Now anyone want a tea party :D.
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