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How do i completely finish the Temple of Light quest?

Is there any amount of money I can donate to make the temple of light quest go away?? Ive already bought it..and donated enough to get the weapon and then again, donated more. Im about to donate a million and see but dont want to until i Is there nothing I can do to remove it from the quests list?


blueovalgamer answered:

If you donate enough money, over time, you will have the option to buy the Temple. I believe, once you purchase the Temple the quest will disappear from the list, although I've never tried it myself.
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SenseiLeRoof answered:

It's "endless". You can always donate to the temple; the quest will never be "completed". Purchasing the Temple has no effect on it.
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kuvuplan answered:

Religious Institutions are Always looking for more money/sacrifices. No matter what tier you make it up to, there is always more afterwords.

There are 3 other quests that are never marked as completed: Sculptor, Westcliff Shooting Range, Crucible.

That is a good thing really. If they were marked as finished, you would no longer be able to repeat them and regain their awards, such as more money, hero dolls, good/evil points, or update a statue (Maybe you had on the wrong hat, or wrong expression, or just got tired of looking at that statue, that way), and try to reach high scores to get on the Leader Boards.
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