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Is there a ledgendary cutlass?

I havent been able to find one

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It's for those who have bought the LE copy of Fable 2, it's called The Wreckager. You find it while doing a quest.

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However, you can get it from people. You just can't have the Hal armor set.

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its an LE item,called the wreckager

you can find it in hall of dead,another LE item

the hall of dead is in the water of bloodstone near the docks

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there is actually 2 legandery cutlasses the champinship cutless that you get with Fable 2 pub games and the wreckeger that you get with Fable 2 legendary edition

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the best legendary cutlass i've found is at the end of archon's knot once you exit out into brightwood. It does around 90 base damage and has the killerwatt, devestation and bewitching augments.

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Snowboarder, you're talking about the Daichi and that's the legendary katana

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There is also one on Knothole Island that is obtained buy trading in the secret box. It has the same augment as the rising sun.

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