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How do you raise the economy?

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OK but i bought a house i didnt rent one out cause i have 3 kids?

chris20009 provided additional details:

OK how do u raise the upkeep in your house?

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archREAVER answered:

Keep the rent rate lower than 0% on the houses you have rented out. It is REALLY important that you furnish all your owned homes (Furnish w/ luxury if you can afford it). I recommend keeping all the shops you own at 0%. If theres a specific shop you want to earn more from go ahead and raise up a notch but be sure to level it out by lowering a different shop's percentage by a notch.

On top of all that be sure to buy/sell a lot in the towns you want a good economy in. Working and buying/selling puts more gold into the town therefore giving it a better economy.

Ps. Pulling out your sword and shooting your guns/killing people/causing havoc will work against your economy.
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