Question from codeman316

Where can I find the pistol the guy has on the case?

I have been to bloodstone and a couple other places and cant find it.

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sitdxbass answered:

Pretty much after you visit the Spire for rescuing Garth you will be able to get the gun, you just need to find the right merchant that has it. There are traveling merchants outside of Castle Fairfax as well and you can find a good set of master weapons there... they're all nobles so they can afford it but be prepared to drop at least 20,000 gold if you're just starting out.
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sitdxbass answered:

For a minute there i thought you said you can't find that guy on the case. The gun he has is the Master Clockwork Pistol and becomes available for you later on in the game. It does about 63 damage, 1 second flat on reload and a range of either 40 or 45 meters.
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