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Dog Collars?

OK, so their are several Dog Collars you can choose. The normal Black one, the Black spiked one, the Blue one, the Pink one and the Rope. Problem I am having with them is that some of them refer that they give the dog a special boost if they are a strength dog, or a will user dog. My question is, what the hell are they talking about? Is their a way to make my dog a Will User or something? Have it cast spells? Or does this have to do with what -I- am.

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Morgimirmir answered:

I'm pretty sure its just a joke. Because it then says "has no affect on non-will casting dogs). They're just silly colors with silly abilities to try and make you laugh.

Could be wrong though.
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ledahapocalypse answered:

There is nothing special with the collars.
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NaharaVensar answered:

There is only one collar that has any effect on you, its looks studded with diamonds and adds +10 attractiveness to you, but thats it. None of the others do anything.
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