Question from sikiji72000

Asked: 4 years ago

Glitched! Why cant i play my game?

i beat the main game about a year ago, everything was working fine, then i went onto other games. now when i lode my file i cant move, attack, or do anything. all i can do is change the view and bring up the start menu and use that (i can even fast travel) but still, I'm pretty much a statue... what can i do to fix this? and how did it happen anyway?

Accepted Answer

From: crzystpdguy27 4 years ago

Its possible you got the same "crucible glitch" (if u played a year ago might not have noticed u just beat crucible) try fast traveling to a cave and then digging while your in there. The new movement may give u the ability to move again.

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Hmm im not sure have you tried making a new game file and see if you can move the new character? Or if you have the game installed to you'r hard drive try removing just the game (not your save files) and reinstall it, becuase i once installed a game but it would freeze so i did that, i guess maybe the disc was dirty when i installed it.

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