Question from Skorn320

Alex's kids?

Can Alex the pre-scripted wife from the ghost revenge quest have your kids if you marry her? I've been married to her since like the begining of the game, and I always have unprotected sex with her, even before the spire multiple times, and so far she hasn't been pregnant.

Btw she is my only wife, and I haven't tried sleeping with anyone else.

Accepted Answer

Strawberry_Jum answered:

Keep trying. She can get pregnant and there is a RNG element to it.
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Bigby_Wolf answered:

Yes, I married her and had a baby girl on our wedding night.
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diablo5843 answered:

I ended up marrying her as well and when i had unprotected sex with her she became pregnant on my first try then i went to the spire, but when i got back the kid had grown up and would not respond to anything at all i did except for giving the kid a bottle alchohol appart from that it didn't do anything
but i suppose its just random if your wife gets pregnant or not
or maybe your wife is sterile
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Alexracoon1 answered:

My game is cursed plus the Alex your talking about must not be me i never remember haveing sex ever (im only 10) anyway my game is cursed i can never get my wife pregant without using a condom first time we have sex so i have to use a condom first then take it off after go for round 2 then wife becocomes pregnant
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