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Choosing wrong quest and game autosaves?

I was just messing around and accidently chose to accept "oacfield massicre" while makeing a sacrifice to get the malestrum, and the d@#$ game autosaved! now i cant undo it, nor can i "donate to the lite" for that weapon, or choose the "defender of light" quest which i was going to do instead of slautering one of the fiew towns and screwing up the feuture of the game. is there anyway to undo this dreadful mistake?

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kuvuplan answered:

Once your game saves, that is it. The only way to revert is from restoring your own personal back-up, if you had one.

Sorry, sounds like your character got drunk or something and woke up having made some irreversible fatal mistake. There are a number of such choices that people have made and regretted later, only to be stuck with them.

Your remaining options are:
1. Revert from a save, if available
2. Follow through with your mistake and finish the Massacre
3. Regret your mistake and refuse to complete the quest, hoping that it times out
4. Start a new hero.
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HouseV answered:

As far as I am aware, no. Once you make that choice, it's set in stone for the rest of the game =/
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