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How do I be not old?

Wen u hav to deliver that thing for rever and you dont want to corupt your self is ther a way not to get your yuth sucked out, like sum sort of lupe hole other than giving it to the girl

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Hyrulian15 answered:

Well, if you keep the seal you will age; however, you can *make* yourself look young again by choosing Love at the end of the game. Kind of strange that.
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PokemonVeteran answered:

Unfortunately, there is not. Either you keep the seal or give it to the lost girl. It stinks, but that's the way it is.
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kuvuplan answered:

It is said that there are a few ways to "Reset" your appearance. There is a quest with Brightwood tower that does this, Fairfax Castle also does this. I've also heard that the dying your hair can also remove some of the effects.
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bocaj518 answered:

There is no loop hole to it you have to give it to the girl in fact i dont think theres any way to do anything different in the entire game other than the choices the game gives you
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