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Where can I find Murgos big book of bussiness?

I need it to open the last item from the box of secrets shop at Knothole Island.

HUNTERCRUX provided additional details:

I have already cheked many times at fiction burns, and all the shelves, only appears that there are always the same books.

HUNTERCRUX provided additional details:

Another factor determinates this?

Accepted Answer

Kamikaze26 answered:

There is one in the Fiction Burns shop in Bowerstone Market. You can also find one by searching the shelves in Fiction Burns. It might take a while but eventually you should get one. I think there might have also been one in a chest in Bowerstone, but that might be a random spawn so I don't know. Check it anyway, its where you can leave Bowerstone to Bowerstone Lake, go to the walkway on that wall.
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