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Do I get any weapons or anything like that from donating to the Temple of Light or the Temple of Darkness? Do I also get anything else? I want to complete those tasks before one of them is destroyed after I get out of the spire.

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From: kuvuplan 4 years ago


For the Temple of Light, first you need to donate enough money to achieve a name from the Temple. Harvester or some such, though it does not show up with the town criers.
Then you need to make a donation of at least 10K at noon.

For the Temple of Darkness, you need to achieve 2000 sacrifice points. Then sacrifice a spouse. One that has been moved into a marital home at some point.

Other things acquired from the temples:
With enough Good/Evil points acquired in the process, you may unlock certain expressions.
Temple of Light imparts 'Wisdom" and I think you get a small amount of EXP.
Temple of Darkness gives Gold for each sacrifice.

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