Question from louis_power

what is the difference between "Fable 2 classic" and "Fable 2 GOTY"?

I'm thinking of buying Fable 2 GOTY, but fable 2 classic is cheaper, and I would like to know the difference.

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Greiver_2112 answered:

Get the GOTY, because you will save money in the long run. the GOTY comes with Knothole Island and See the Future DLC, so you don't have to pay to DL them through X-Box Live.
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kuvuplan answered:

Depends on how much cheaper. To get the Knothole Island and See the Future from XBox live, it costs 1300 MS Points, which equates to about $15-16 USD. If you can get classic at less than $16 USD difference, then you can come out ahead with Classic.

Also, some of the patches are pre-installed in GOTY, so it is Less Buggy. There are still patches to download as soon as you get GOTY and go online, so it is not fully patched. Even fully patched, there are issues that can arise, though most of them do not break quests or halt progress requiring a New Hero and redoing everything you had already done to continue further.
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