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I heard there are only 10 limited editions ever made, is that true? Also, will they ever stop selling the games with the codes? I heard you can have it for free or something if you have X Box Live and enough memory? Is there another way to get Halo armor? Also is the Game of the Year Edition the same as limited edition, or are they different in any way?

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Greiver_2112 answered:

Where the hell did you hear only 10 copies were ever made? no it's not true. The ONLY way to get Hal's Armor and Hal's sword (the Halo armor and Energy sword) is through the LIMITED EDITION. The GOTY edition like most GOTY's is the basic NOT Limited edtion, and the additional content is the mass DLC in this case Knothole Island and See The Future, without having to purchase them through X-Box Live.
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