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Getting the enforcer?

Hi im just wondering do you have to beat lucian to get the enforcer or can you get it before you beat him because i want the enforcer but i want the money wish after lucien and you need the dog to get the enforcer.

Accepted Answer

missypearl answered:

You have to help farmer Giles with the quest where you have to set up his son with either-

A Women (evil)
A Man (good)

so once you complete the quest farmer Giles farm becomes up for sale and you buy it and go into his cellar place. You then have to navigate this maze of underground passages and hollow men and you should find a chest with The Enforcer in it.

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Breakdown614 answered:

Well firstly u need the key which is in giles farm house once u buy it in a cuboard upstairs if u rent the house out ull have to steal it then in the barn theres a cellar when inside theres a gates thats locked and u use the key to open and ull need to dig up the gun at the end of the tunnel
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