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Where's My Wife?!

I got back from the Spire and met up with Hammer, etc.
When I got back to my home in Bowerstone, my kid was just standing there in the top floor the whole time.
What's more, I can't find my wife! At first it said my family had a present for me. Now it says she wants sex. But she isn't anywhere! I even set her as my objective, but the glowing trail isn't showing up.

Can anyone help?

Avril_Paramore_ provided additional details:

Ugh. Wish I'd known that before the fact. Thanks for the advice, though! I'll make sure to remember that next time around.

Accepted Answer

Bobs2010 answered:

Sorry, this is known bug. One of many that has not been resolved.

The only way I knew to protect her was to place her in the Demon Door in Oakfield before going to the Spire.
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