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How many Treasure Chests are in each area?

I want to know If I've found them all without actually having to look at the guides and find them manually to see if I have them myself

Accepted Answer

dougals1988 answered:

Bloodstone: 18 chests,
Bower lake: 18 chests.
Brightwood: 15 chests,
Bowerstone cemetery: 7 chests
Bowerstone market: 21 chests
Bowerstone old town: 3 chests
Rookridge: 16 chests
Knothole island (DLC): 6 chests
Westcliff: 18 chests
Wraithmarsh: 14 chests
Oakfield: 6 chests
Fairfax garden: 14 chests
Guild cave: 4 chests
Bandit coast: 7 chests

These are all the chests that i have found. But some areas have different sections, I.e, Bloodstone has, the waterfront, Wraithmarsh road, Bloodstone mansion, The sinkhole and Reavers rear passage, so make sure too check all these as they count!

Hope this helps!
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dougals1988 answered:

Found another chest in brightwood. There should be two dive spots in the little pool behind Brightwood Castle. Walk up too the main door but dont enter, instead, turn left and there should be a path, follow that and it'll lead you too the pool :)
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kuvuplan answered:

h t t p://

Click on index then the region of your choice.

That site shows where they found all of those goodies.
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