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Asked: 4 years ago

How do i get try better Bounty hunts?

I have done several Hunts prior to going to the spire to save Garth, but each time i go back for another job he gives me a one or two star job. Is there certain requirement for the higher level jobs or should i just keep trying until he give me better one?
(I am post-spire at this point but if there is a way to get better jobs before the spire, i would like to know because i restart games when i take them up again.)

Accepted Answer

From: kuvuplan 4 years ago

I've found them to be rather Random. I'm not too sure what all the requirements are on the stars, but "Level" and "Time" seem to increase access.

I was able to get access to 3 or 4 star potions before meeting Theresa at the Bowerstone Clock-tower. This was done by doing a lot of blacksmithing and purchasing houses, and some co-op play.

I've had characters beat the game, and do every Bounty Hunter quest that comes up and get a seemingly at random 1-4 star hunt. I believe to get a 5 star, you have to have completed 20 hunts, most I've done on a single character is 17 or so.

To answer your question, you have a certain roof for your hunts. That roof is based on Time in game, your experience, and number of hunts completed. When a hunt comes around it will give you a quest between 1 and your roof. There is probably some weights such that it is "more likely" to give you a higher rate than a lower one, but I cannot say for certain.

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