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Barnum help! (spoiler?)

My game kind of messed up concerning my in-game husband. I accidently proposed to him twice and for some reason got married to him...twice. So the listing under families it said I was married to him twice. Well this problem is, is that I invested in Barnum after I got out of the crucible BEFORE the spire. After getting back from the spire I never got a message from Barnum through my husband (or anyone else). I finished the game and one of my husband (I guess you can say) got killed and the other is currently missing permanently. I never got a letter from Barnum to get my money plus interest back. Is there anyway to solve this? I've since got another husband and I never got anything from him either. Thanks

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guitar_commando answered:

Just in case this answer does reveal a certain part in the storyline Barnum never gave me a letter either he had me meet him and the marriage thing is probably some glitch also you may not get the money if you pass the quest when you meet Reaver and return from The Shadow Court since at that moment he kills Barnum since developing his picture takes three months
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axeface answered:

Marrying the same person twice is a glitch, Fable 2 has lots. There's most likely no solution to your problem, just be happy that it didn't render the game unplayable, like some of the other glitches.
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SparrowSilver answered:

I never got a letter through my spouse from Barnum. The Quest, just appeared in my menu after I got back from the Spire. Then I just traveled back to Westcliff and met Barnum in the same place he was last time. But then again, Barnum is killed by Reaver in Bloodstone. And if you finished off Lucien I don't know if it would be still available.
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