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Asked: 6 years ago

Best starting decisions-child?

I was wondering- what are the exact concequence of the all the choices you make as a kid- and what the pros and cons for each one are.

I still cant work out if smashing the crates or the bugs makes any worthwhile change?

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From: Kainscommando 5 years ago

The Bugs and crates don't matter, but what you really what to know is the warrents. If you give the warrents to the bad guy, The town will be changed for the worst, run-down and crapy, but if you give them to the guard, the town will be rich and fancy, also, if you give the warrents to the guard, then you will get a 50% discount on all items in the Old town part of Bowerstone when you get there as an adult.

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I don't think that smashing the crates or the bugs has any real consequence later in the story. Altohough, whether you give the warrents to the criminal or the guard affects the whole future outlook of bowerstone old town. it will either be very torn down with crime or a fine standing community

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the camera and balcony is only for good/evil, giving you a head start on the future. The bugs might make the economy slightly better and increase the worth of the storeroom. The fliers are what the above poster said.

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The only thing that really affects the town is the decision with the warrents.

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Here's my advice:
BE GOOD, especially in the beginning!
If you help the guard collecting his warrants (so don't give it to arthur), you get a boost in the bowerstone economy the next time ur in bowerstone.

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