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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I solve the "love hurts" quest?

i'm doing "love hurts" quest and i've shot the orb until it's high above a wall. i go up the stairs and stand on the lighted box and i've tried several times to shoot at the orb so that i can unlock the door and i can't seem to ever hit it. Am i missing something? or is there a certain weapon i should use?

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From: llama555 6 years ago

Quoted from: Fable 2 Official Strategy Guide from Brady Games
"Many of the flit switches require more than one shot and some require a melee strike. Just remember that the color of the flit switches matches up with the color of the X, Y, and B buttons on your controller so you simply have to hit it with the corresponding attack."

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Make sure you are shooting at it with a rifle or long range weapon. I tried and tried until I figured out that I was shooting with a blunderbus and couldn't reach the target.

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