Question from skunky_boy_mwha

Ice shrine volume?

In the ice shrine there is a book 9in the room of the left when u jump down the hole) and i cant seem to get to it, ive been trying for about 3 hours and cant find where to go, does anyone know?

CoolestK asked for clarification:

I've really not seen this, and I don't know if you've got a brain for trying for 3 hours :P
I'll go check it out though, chances are I've already got it.

Accepted Answer

AzureAx answered:

Okay, is it up top of the orb puzzle that controls the electricity on the incline/Bridge thing?

Or is it somewhere else?

If it is the next to the incline there should be some iceicles that you can break and then vault down below, follow the path, and it leads to a ladder, take it up, break the ice, and the book in up there.
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