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Why are people running from me?

I used to be evil and corrupt, but I have gotten back to good and pure - halo and everything. For awhile people treated me great and then all of a sudden they run from me. I've tried doing funny stuff but almost everybody still runs and when I get stats on them, they think I'm Mr. Skull. I feel like the change happened when I changed outfits or a look, but I'm wearing a wizard robe, noble blouse, and noble pants. Any ideas?

megagood provided additional details:

Absolutely, that was it! Thanks!

megagood provided additional details:

When I say absolutely - it was the Perforator.

Accepted Answer

jscole answered:

what weapon are you using? does it happen to be the Perforator (the weapon you get from the demon door in Wraithmarsh)? because if it is, there's an augment (fear itself augment) on that weapon that makes people scared of you... if not, then did they happen to see you murder anyone? because that will cause them to be scared of you too...
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