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Augment assistance?

I have two questions about augments, one if I have a weapon with one augment that gives it fire damage and the same weapon is augmented with one that deals lightning, what would happen; would it deal both types of damage at the same time or will one override the other? secondly I was looking at an augment description for the new knothole island augment "Luck and Skill" and one of the effects is it increases my skill with a weapon. what happens to the weapon when I increase the skill, does it get faster, does it increase damage for ranged weapons or what?

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How can it increase the accuracy of the sword

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Oh and if I have 2 different augments that have the same effect like they both increase your beauty will that stack

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Bootlargg answered:

You would deal both fire and lightning damage. As far as the Luck and Skill augment, what that will do is increase your accuracy when firing your gun or swinging your melee weapon.
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