Question from sharkdude5590

Asked: 6 years ago

Hal's Armor help?

Given Knothole Island gives you Hal's Rifle I was wondering if there was any other way to get the rest of Hal's stuff since they aren't "giving it away" anymore...since the offer expired 12/30.08 to fix it.
Obviously buy it, i guess...but I was wondering if anyone knew anything

Accepted Answer

From: sonicfreak8 5 years ago

Im pretty sure that some administrators at GameTrailers are giving codes for the Armor and Sword (NOT AR) away.

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I haven't heard anything but the only way that I knew to get the armor and sword was by pre-ordering the Limited Edition version of the game

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No you must have LE Fable 2. If you really want all of the armour just go on ebay or amazon and buy it.

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